Bamix Gastro 200

The Bamix Gastro 200 – Designed with a longer shaft for use in restaurants and hotels and is fantastic for larger quantities. The Bamix Gastro 200 has a 200w induction dual speed commercial motor, which is capable of a staggering 12,000 and 18,000 revolutions per minute. It has a soft ergonomically designed grip, with a curly cord for ease of movement around the kitchen.

The Bamix Gastro 200 makes mixing, whisking, blending and mincing quick and simple to do, which makes it a must have utensil in any commercial kitchen! The powerful super-quiet Swiss motor creates a vortex, pulling food in towards the rotating blades, whilst the four stationery prongs of the cutter guard protect and encase the blade attachments so you can blend straight into pots, pans and a multitude of other receptacles.

Liquids are drawn inwards smoothly, unlike ordinary hand blenders that can splash food around, the Bamix Gastro 200 is “too fast to splash”!!! The Bamix Gastro 200 can be used in any size receptacle without scratching so you can blend soups and sauces straight into the pan, directly on the hob, which saves washing up, time and effort.

The sleek design of the Bamix Gastro 200 only takes up the same space as a large peppermill, so you can leave it out on its wall mountable stand, ready for everyday use. The Bamix Gastro package includes: 3 blade attachments (‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ blades), a wall mountable stand and a 2-year motor guarantee.